Classification of brush rollers

2023-12-05 Writer:default
The production method of brush roller is the most traditional method, which directly plants nylon thread and abrasive thread on the grinding roller. This method has the characteristics of high strength, short manufacturing cycle, and short processing cycle, but it has the advantages of high strength and local irreplaceability. Nevertheless, brush roller still dominates in the field of industrial brush roller because of its wide applications
According to the different materials, it can be divided into horse hair brush roller, pig hair brush roller, and brush roller. Sisal hemp brush roller, stainless steel wire brush roller, plastic wire brush roller, nylon wire brush roller, abrasive wire brush roller, etc
Food processing industry: brush rollers for food cleaning machines, fruit waxing machines, hair cleaning machines, peeling machines, spiral brush rollers, brush rollers, packaging machine brushes, and various irregular food machine brushes
Glass and Ceramic Industry: Glass cleaning machine brush rollers, sponge suction rollers, rubber rollers, nylon gears, aluminum seats, grinding machine brushes, ceramic pressure plate brushes, pressure brush rollers, glazed wire plate brushes, dust machine brushes, machine room dust removal hand sweeps, and cleaning rollers for crushers
Metal processing industry: Cold rolled galvanized line cleaning brush roller, acid pickling line brush roller, color drawing line brush roller, degreasing line brush roller, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate cleaning line brush roller, coating production line brush roller, bending straight drum brush, polishing production line brush roller, brush roller combination, assembled brush pieces, abrasive wire brush roller, spring brush roller, steel wire brush roller, shot blasting machine combination brush roller
Polishing and cleaning industry: Polishing pig hair, sisal, cotton cloth, cotton cloth, woolen cloth, woolen wheel, woolen wheel, woolen wheel, woolen wheel, woolen wheel, steel wire wheel, sand brush roller, dust brush roller, sweeping machine square brush, disc brush, rod brush, disc brush, roller brush