Industrial brush cleaning and polishing machine

2023-12-07 Writer:default
Polishing machine is a commonly used machine by pharmaceutical manufacturers. It uses a brush to polish, which can quickly remove the attached powder on the surface of capsules and tablets, making them clean and improving their surface smoothness. This machine is a closed conveying structure, and the parts in contact with the drug are made of corrosion-resistant materials. It has a simple structure, is not easily damaged, has a long service life, is easy to operate and maintain, has good polishing performance, and high efficiency. It is a specialized equipment for pharmaceuticals, which can polish and clean the drug powder attached to capsules and tablets. The polished capsules are brighter, cleaner, and more beautiful.
The capsule polishing machine mainly consists of a hopper, polishing cylinder, sealing cylinder, brush, coupling, split bearing seat, motor, distribution box, waste removal head, discharge hopper, and frame.
The working principle of the capsule polishing machine is to drive the capsule to move in a circular spiral along the polishing tube wall through the rotating motion of the brush, so that the capsule moves forward along the spiral spring. Under continuous friction with the brush and the polishing tube wall, the outer surface of the capsule shell is polished, and the polished capsule enters the waste hopper from the discharge port. In the waste remover, due to the negative pressure, the lightweight unqualified capsules rise under the action of the airflow, enter the vacuum cleaner through the suction tube, and the heavier qualified capsules continue to fall. They are discharged through the movable discharge hopper to achieve polishing and waste removal. The powder and small fragments that are brushed off during the polishing process enter the sealing cylinder through the small holes on the polishing cylinder wall, and are then sucked into the vacuum cleaner for recycling.