Selection of bristles for manual mechanical brush rollers and brushes

2023-12-01 Writer:default
Selection of paint brush: The bristles of the brush have forked ends, which can be dipped and absorb a large amount of paint, releasing paint more evenly (making the paint film smooth and even); The thick and pointed bristles of the cone-shaped brush can make the paint brush release paint more slowly and evenly, and its overall taper makes it particularly convenient when applying straight lines and tangent areas; Industrial brushes made from elastic bristles can maintain their overall shape; Brushes with long bristles in the middle and short bristles on both sides are easier to apply at the edges and corners of the brush; The length of the bristles of the brush should be 50% longer than the width of the brush. A longer bristle of the brush can effectively absorb and release paint, making it easier to brush corners or trim areas; Use plugs and epoxy adhesive to firmly fix the bristles on the handle, so that they will not be pulled out during painting, so as not to stick the bristles to the paint film; A good and balanced hardwood handle will make the brush more useful, and the wooden handle is more comfortable than the plastic handle; Hardwood handles are stronger and moisture-proof than cork handles.
Comparison between synthetic hard bristles and natural hard bristles: When applying latex paint, synthetic hard bristles are generally used instead of natural hard bristles, because natural hard bristles absorb moisture from the latex paint and expand, causing the brushes to deform; When applying alkyd paint, oil-based paint, varnish, and lacquers, both synthetic and natural hard bristles can be used; When applying glossy alkyd paint or oil-based varnish on a smooth surface, using a natural hard bristled brush can achieve better results; The effect of applying natural hard bristles is better than that of synthetic hard bristles, but natural hard bristles are not as durable as synthetic hard bristles. It is better to use synthetic bristles when applying rough surfaces; Nylon brushes should not be used in hot weather, as high temperatures can soften the hard bristles and lose their elasticity; The synthetic brush is made of nylon mixed with polyester; Nylon is wear-resistant and polyester has good rigidity, especially in hot weather. Nowadays, pig brushes are also widely used in various industrial brushes, such as food machinery brushes, flour machinery brushes, seeding machinery brush rollers, textile machinery, and dividing machine machinery brush rollers.