Take you to learn about the production method of brush rollers

2023-12-04 Writer:default
In daily life and production, brush rollers play an irreplaceable role. Whether in the metal processing industry or in the sanitation and cleaning department, we can see the presence of brush rollers with a little attention. The quality of the brush roller product is good or bad, and the direct reason should be closely related to its production method. Industry professionals need to have relevant understanding.
In the production method of the brush roller, the more traditional process is to directly plant hair, which is very simple and mechanized, that is, to directly plant the brush wire (such as abrasive wire, nylon wire, etc.) on the grinding roller. The advantage of this traditional manufacturing method is that the produced brush rollers have excellent strength and can handle many tasks on various platforms. Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious. The cost of the brush roller processed by this method is relatively high, after all, it is purely manual hair planting, which is a huge investment in terms of manpower alone. In addition, the maintenance cost of the brush roller directly planted with hair is also high after use.
In order to simplify the production process of the brush roller, someone later invented a nylon sleeve style brush roller. This type of brush roller has great requirements for the quality of the product. If the quality is not up to standard, the brush roller may not withstand the test of high temperature. Under heating or high temperature conditions, the nylon wire will deform, elongate, and go out of shape, and this result is irreversible. It will eventually lead to the expansion and cracking of the nylon sleeve. For the entire brush roller, its service life will come to an end.
The production method of the winding brush roller is introduced from abroad, which makes the entire production process of the brush roller simpler and more convenient. Of course, its disadvantages are also obvious. The use of the winding brush roller for a long time inevitably leads to problems such as threading and instability. Why is this situation caused? Because the winding brush roller only achieves fixed ends and is difficult to withstand the test of time.